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Rose Rock Icon Rose Rock Hand

Rose Rock Icon

When the idea of Rose Rock for the name of the pharmacy came about, it was of course a big topic amongst our friends. Of course, with a name, comes a graphic logo. This graphic logo was originally sent to us with a photo and a rock on emoji attached to it. We saw it and immediately loved it. The icon features a rock on hand sign commonly associated with rock music sitting on top of a rose stem with 2 leaves attached. So, we have officially adopted this as our “icon”. We decided that our official company logo needed to be the name of the pharmacy, but we just couldn’t let this one go. For those that are familiar with the term, this is essentially our hidden “Easter egg”. Easter eggs in a non-holiday related fashion are usually hidden objects that are included in movies, games, or computer software for people to spot and enjoy. We have put this logo on hats and t-shirts with nothing but the icon itself in hope that people would ask us about it while enjoying the mystery of the Rose Rock Icon.

Medicine, Medical, Drugstore, RoseRock

Created 2022

by Jan Thorbjørnsen

Jan is a friend who lives in Norway and is a graphic designer. 

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